DET making the first holographic technology science city , 2 PSY in the same arena

That is impossible to think that 2 PSY in the same arena to sing and dancing <<Gangnam Style>>. May of 18 ,2015 DET making the first holographic technology science city in Zhe Jiang ,China and became these truth . One of the PSY in the arena is using the Holographic technology making and PSY very enjoy of this magical technology.

At this present , holographic technology science city were work with Korea K-POP company , so PSY , Bigbang , Rainbow, 2NE and so on starts who are work at K-POP company will come to the science city one by one in each month . And will let the person enjoy of the time which they can stay with these super starts .

At the door of the science city you will see the DET P10 LED which using 3D technology to display the amazing content.

Frist of all , let we see the holographic technology singer hall . In here , the super start will open concert  and the person can feeling the atmosphere . Using the holographic imaging technology and  digital technology then work with actors actual 4D shows , so here will became a start meeting .While , the visor could have the experience that can stand at same arena with them favorite stars .


Not only here you have the fantastic experience , but also in LIVE HOLO you can stay with your favorite Korea start at the same car . First , you choice your favorite super start m then welcome window will open and the super start will come out and say hello for everyone. If you stand at the specific location , you picture will display at the same time with the super starts and then your image will transfer to the DET video wall which can show 4K display content .


At star Photo, you can take pictures with your favorite super start and also can purchase the product which present by these starts .


In the future , DET will work closely with NIK company , bring more good ideas to China market . Using the best solutions to increasing the display value .


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